The Zombie’s Gate: A case study

The Zombie’s Gate became a first book I’ve ever published on Amazon. Although I did not participate in its writing and the original idea I was heavily involved in the editing and production stages, being the chief supervisor of the project.


To help Sergii Sopot Jr. (8 years old author and my brother) to publish his first book on Amazon and build a brand on top of it.


Together with the Kich Media we’ve developed (1) a website (2) an Amazon product and author pages (3) hired the illustrators, editors and the social media team (4) developed the Youtube Vlog for Sergii Sopot Jr. and (5) an Instagram page (6) and a Facebook page. (7) We ran several Ad campaigns on Amazon and Facebook quickly climbing up the charts of the Top Free Books on Amazon.

(8) The Zombie’s Gate book was featured in the TNE Magazine, Los Angeles, and several Ukrainian online news channels. Sergii Sopot Jr. was invited to participate in the Ukrainian Talent show for kids.

(9) Currently, Sergii Sopot Jr. is actively casting for a part in the TV series.


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  1. Curiously enough, Sergii is considering expanding the book into a series.
    On the other hand, I’m thinking about buying the rights for the series to keep writing within this Universe.

  2. I also really wanna start writing the useful content already. But I have to stick to the schedule and cover all of the articles from the about page, like this one. So expect more case studies down the line.

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