It all started in the backyard, like 1001% of entrepreneurial stories — which makes me wonders about the conspiracy theory behind this fact but I’ll save this one for my Reddit correspondence.

We were just playing

Together with my 2 friends Andrew and Kirill we started to shoot stop-motion animations when I was about 16 years old. We called ourselves a creative collaborative KICH. The idea was that having always a straight 0$ budget we were everything but a kich culture.  An intellectual revolt.

One thing leads to another and we’ve started to shoot video commercials and documentaries for Youtube and Vimeo. Dare and supreme, we grew on the soil of our ambitions.

New worlds

Soon, Max and I have started to grab creative projects outside the video world. We had insane productivity generators and we were absolutely hungry to learn as much as possible until we’re 23.

We signed on the contracts to build the websites without having a clue on how to fulfill our obligations. It was stupid. But we did it to challenge ourselves to learn faster and to do the right thing righter!

We organized startups, built and lead teams, generated leads, drove sales, created websites, VR and 3D graphics and social media marketing campaigns; we did games, beats, books, blogs and Youtube Channels. We were even ready to perform an ICO and will definitely launch a crowdfunding campaign for our next project in 2018.

But we never ever stopped even for a second to appreciate and record how much was actually done so far. And that’s a huge mistake, my friends!  Never neglect your awesomness!

– Kirill Kich

After a couple of years, we finally decided to take a break, grab some water (to shower it over the backs of our heads) and realize how many businesses have we built so far.

Meet the family

Kich Media – our flagman ship, a media company with social media solutions crafted so carefully you will want to share them yourself.

Kich Productions – the heart of Kich culture is video. This is the heart of the video.

Kich Web –  where we craft and designs, web apps. Solo and in the juicy collaborations.

Kich Music – covers, sound design and fresh beats for your videos and games from 💛💙.

Kich Games – the garage where we meet to click beers and code games.

Kich 3D – a 3D-rendering and VR interactive scenes design studio that we launched just recently having the experience of working with Rstyle3D and Bombee studios.

Full list of Kich Media projects.

Thing is, we weren’t happy with ourselves as we were running this marathon and were always stubbornly blind to the progress that was made.

Therefore the quote:

When climbing the mountain, make  sure  to stop ever now and then and appreciate the f*ck*ng progress you’ve made. If you’re not doing it? Then who is?

-Kirill Kich

Be proud of yourselves people!
You are the superheroes!
Each and every one!