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Kirill Kich shares the experience in life, business, relationships, startups

Kirill Kich in a Nutshell

23 years into this life I’m launching a personal blog to share my experience and thoughts || (almost) 7 years ago I have started my first blog etakanada.ru where I was writing about my Canadian experience; didn’t have the patience to keep it up || Since then my entire life has happened and was left undocumented || This doesn’t feel right || From now on Documenting is my primary goal || Main topics: Crypto currencies, Life, Experience, Social Media Marketing || Main goal: Document the reality and share knowledge with the world || Note: You can hire the Kirill Kich team to write content for your startup or small business || For social media services check out Kich Media .


Rule 001:

Always hold a strong position. Right or wrong, never compromise your core principles in life. By doing so you’re backstabbing your future self.

-Kirill Kich (Rules of Life)

The Kich Ecosystem

It all started in the backyard, like 1001% of entrepreneurial stories — which makes me wonders about the conspiracy theory behind this fact but I’ll save this one for my Reddit correspondence.

We were just playing

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