Seamless Blockchain integration

Steemit is one of the best blockchain products on the market! It doesn’t matter whether you understand blockchain or not, you can just write and make money. However, if you want to make real money on Steemit and mine Steem with your content and curation you have to understand how it works.

If you could start making 100$/article would you do it? Or you’d still prefer a free Facebook/Medium post?

Why would you post somewhere else 🤷🏻‍♂️

Steemit brings the creators back to the game incentivizing them to focus on what they can do best: create an honest, valuable content for their audience.

Whether its Music, Videos, Photos, Art and Text Steemit can monetize all sorts of content and once the stacking mechanism gets fully understood by a society it’s price is going to skyrocket with the supply available to the exchanges being so limited. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Btw, Dan Larimer who’s now the CTO of EOS was the CTO of Steemit.

Steam power and Stacking 🔥

I’m surprised how David Hay and Ivan on tech make so little money having such a huge community on Yotube comparing to some of the less fascinating accounts on the platform that make 5-10x more on a monthly basis.

Steemit has this thing called Steem power. The more steem dollars you have at stake on your Steem Power account the more valuable is your vote. When the people with millions of steem dollars stacked in the account are voting on a piece of good content they make money with the currator rewards. When they upvote themselves their content gets to the trending and you start to make 1000$ per post and more. This upvoting thing doesn’t sound super ethical and might be a big problem for the Steemit Community in the future.

Did you know that Steemit is one of the faster blockchains on the market with only 1% of it’s capacity being utilized with a current level of transactions.

Make money with networking on Steemit 😮

But what do you if you don’t have half a million dollars to stack on your account? Well, you search for the big whales to support you and make your content more visible.

Go to the trending section and start checking on people’s balances in their Wallets. Make a list of people you want to connect with that might like your content. You can attract their attention by writing smart comments in the comment section. Try to be among the first 3 commenters to increase your chances of getting on their radar. They’ll super vote on you if they like your content and you’re on your way to financial freedom.

Steemit Ecosystem

I believe in Steemit so much because of the ecosystem of platforms being built on top of it. We have Dtube for videos, Dsound for music and even Dmeme for those who want to make money on creating new viral memes. It’s hard to compete with the eco-system due to its networking power.

Smart Media Tokens

Lastly, Steemit is releasing their new tokens soon. Their called Smart Media tokens and Ned invites the community to give feedback on the new White Paper he has created. As I understood smart media tokens would allow every one of us to create our own currency just based on Steemit and connected to the community from your existing account. Does Steemit turns into Ethereum for content market? I’ll review the project in the following articles and in a mean time you can take a look at the [White Paper] and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Content creators 2.0

I believe in the future of Steemit as it symbolizes the Edo period of the content era. All of the content creators have a chance to become the holders of huge crypto assets if they play their game right on Steemit.

Would you like to read my Step by Step guide on how to make a living by writing couple of articles a day on Steemit without a need to constantly search for random freelance orders? Then smash that vote button to support the project and I’ll be able to continue sharing my knowledge with you guys.

With much love and respekt,