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It’s been almost a month since we’ve started the blog with Max… Time for some fresh updates, my friends. Couple of things we will add to the website in the Q1, 2018:

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2017 Progress report


We spent the New Year’s night at the Korean Spa, which gave this weird year a solid kick.

So many things are going to be different within the next 300+ days and the final 65 are going to grant me a new vision regarding who I am and where I am going.

Winter 2017 was about building the Youtube Channels for Sergii Sopot and Funding Gym as well as an active engagement in the Amazon FBA.

I quit driving for Lyft and focused completely on doing any online job available to support our little family with Victoria. This decision made me spread too thin and by Summer I was already exhausted from the amount of work I’ve mounted on my shoulders.

We’ve also moved to a new spot in Los Angeles. Our first one-year lease apartment. It’ll take us about 9 months to slowly make it cozy ☺️.

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Kirill Kich has landed on the Youtube Platform

Finally, the videos that I’ve been producing for the past 60 days are starting to appear on my Youtube Channel. This is the beginning of the legacy. Make sure to remember this moment. 😜

Let’s talk EOS

Test driving the Youtube Streaming tech and talking about EOS ERC-20 tokens that claim to be the Ethereum Killer at the same time.


PS: The next stream is going to be about the Coinbase. We will be discussing the new coins that the number one on-boarding platform for the Cryptocurrencies in US might decide to add.

I’m publishing a book on Amazon

It’s Monday. So I decided to publish a book by Saturday.
It’s going to be first available in Russian. I’ll translate it to English later.
I feel like there is no better time to publish the book than now.

I’ve made a decision to be the writer

And I told you guys about the power of Manifestation. This book will be my Manifest! A blood bound with the 2018 goals.

I need to enter 2018 as a self-published writer. I have the blog, the Youtube channel, the Instagram profile, I even started blogging on Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Medium.

I need to be on Amazon


Blockchain Hangouts ✖️ LA

Blockchain Hangout is a discussion club initiative for the cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts.

The goal

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Ibiza Club video commercial: A case study


One of the largest Ukrainian day/night club Ibiza approached Kirill Kich to produce a story to promote its culture and philosophy to the non-local customers.


As a result an international team was formed; a collaboration between Norwegian, Brazilian and Ukrainian filmmakers and creators.

The video came out as a bitter-sweet, motivational clip exploring the precious moments of pure joy, reminding us of the physical limits of our lives expressed in numbers and the necessity to explore them without regret and to the full extent.

Shot on Red.


Rule 003:

Don’t be afraid to clearly express your position, believes, point of view and mindset.

-Kirill Kich (Rules of Life)

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being yourself and going your own way. Failing to realize this small truth usually leads to the land of the broken lives.

Kirill Kich in a Nutshell

23 years into this life I’m launching a personal blog to share my experience and thoughts || (almost) 7 years ago I have started my first blog where I was writing about my Canadian experience; didn’t have the patience to keep it up || Since then my entire life has happened and was left undocumented || This doesn’t feel right || From now on Documenting is my primary goal || Main topics: Crypto currencies, Life, Experience, Social Media Marketing || Main goal: Document the reality and share knowledge with the world || Note: You can hire the Kirill Kich team to write content for your startup or small business || For social media services check out Kich Media .


About Kich Media


The world of social platforms is the deepest pool of attention. Kich Media was formed to research the social marketing opportunities and help out projects trade attention of their audience effectively.

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