99.9% startups fail. Maybe because they are executed by noobs?


Ukrainian educational system – especially in non-urban areas – lacks the funding needed in order to motivate professionals to go to schools and teach. As a results kids end up with a very poor level of educational quality provided by educators.

Proposed solution

An online school that will flip the current state of the Ukrainian education system and allow the kids from all over the country to have a free access to knowledge. Memoria team would train, supply with equipment and organize a group of highly-skilled educators to record online lectures covering all of the state-required topics in the subjects of Math, Calculus, Trigonometry, Physiscs, Biology, Chemistry, History and Philosopy.


The team has decided to focus on developing the desktop Memoria website as the Anchor of the project with the plans to release the Memoria app for mobile audience.

Youtube channel was proposed to be the hosting platfom for the Memoria website’s media content. Originally we’ve created one Youtube Channel to upload individual subjects as playlists.

One day, the Memoria School Youtube Channel was shut down for unexplained reasons, signaling the upcoming troubles with the project development.

Vimeo video hosting platform was chosen as an aternative to the Youtube but never gained as much following.

As a result separate Memoria Channels were created on the Youtube Plarform again – each focusing on the individual subject.The channels are active today.

Memoria website was eventually built by Maxim Shevtchenko and Kirill Kich within 30 days without any previous experience, after over a year of working with the incompetent and very expensive team of amateur developers that did not result in any end product.


Memoria Online School was the first startup made by Kirill Kich, Maxim Shevtchenko and Sergii Sopot. We got our feet wet and learned how to properly choose the developers for the project.

Memoria school team has produced over 3,000+ videos (10-20 minutes each) covering the subjects of Math, Calculus, Trigonometry, Physiscs, Biology, Chemistry, History and Philosopy.

Memoria Youtube Channels are currently active with a 3,000+ viewing audience in total and thousands of minutes watched monthly, even though the project is not active atm.

Memoria website was eventually built but is currently down as the project is on hold.

Kirill Kich and Sergii Sopot moved to the Silicon Valley (originally to promote the Memoria project) which lead to the creation of  the Coliving Club project.

Kich Media originated as a result of the Memoria experience and since then Kirill Kich and Maxim Shevtchenko are working on startups and advising fresh entrepreneurs about business development, video production and social media marketing.

Lessons learned

(1) Hire only professional developers even if they cost more

(2) Nothing beats Youtube’s visibility in terms of video content

(3) Plan the project before executing it. Don’t try to build the plane after launching into the air

(4) Hire a designer

(5) Mobile-first

(6) Content is the King

(7) Startups are tough and your first one will most probably fail. That’s just reality


With all that being said I genuinely have enjoyed working on the Memoria Project and am planning to come back to it once my personal brand and Kich Media are developed to the necessary level.