upcoming updates (Q1, 2018)

It’s been almost a month since we’ve started the blog with Max… Time for some fresh updates, my friends. Couple of things we will add to the website in the Q1, 2018:

  • Blog categories in the main menu
  • Search bar
  • Related articles suggestions at the end of every post
  • Social buttons¬†to easily share articles right from the website
  • Reading progress bar or Reading time estimator
  • A free weekly Newsletter program with the insights into the most interesting coins and ICOs out there
  • An online store with books, posters, and t-shirts

One of the things I really want to convince Max to do is a weekly Newsletter with the cover songs. Max has an insane ability to scout for the upcoming talents and I think it might be very interesting to the audience. He might decide to run it from our Kich Media blog or even his personal one, so I still gotta talk to him first and see what he thinks.



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  1. Also, would be great to have a website micro icon on a tab and nice looking links when sharing on social media. I have no idea what are they called atm. It’s those boxes with title, text, and image that appear in the message when we paste a link in the text. Love them, need them.

  2. Max told me today, that we might actually even change the entire website theme. He is thinking about it anyways. Well, let’s see how it’ll go.

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