The world of social platforms is the deepest pool of attention. Kich Media was formed to research the social marketing opportunities and help out projects trade attention of their audience effectively.

The work

The Kich Media project has started in 2013 by Kirill and Maxim Kich.
Since then we’ve been shooting videos, building websites, youtube channels and marketing solutions. We were crafting solutions, learning on the fly and doing tones of spec, free work.

Check: the full list of the Kich Media Projects. 

We gulped our mistakes, learned the lessons and decided that the changes are needed to be made.

The winds of changes

Right now, we work only on our own terms and with a full advance payment. We don’t do cheap, nor fast work. We take our time and letting it through the magical prisms release the perfectly-tailored solutions.

That might be the worst pitch on the Earth. But it’s honest. We’re literally making magic. If it’s not what your business needs, well, we’re going to do our thing, anyway. You call us when need the job to be done right, we take care of the rest.

Doing the right thing

This is the current motto of the company. The work has to be done right. No other adjectives. Just right.

See ya!

Note: To see the list of our Marketing services feel free to check out Kich Media website or drop a line to me on Facebook or whatever.