I’m publishing a book on Amazon

It’s Monday. So I decided to publish a book by Saturday.
It’s going to be first available in Russian. I’ll translate it to English later.
I feel like there is no better time to publish the book than now.

I’ve made a decision to be the writer

And I told you guys about the power of Manifestation. This book will be my Manifest! A blood bound with the 2018 goals.

I need to enter 2018 as a self-published writer. I have the blog, the Youtube channel, the Instagram profile, I even started blogging on Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Medium.

I need to be on Amazon



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  1. Finished writing the First Draft yesterday. Now working on the initial editing before submitting to the proof- and alpha- readers.

  2. Btw, the book is going to be about the Rules for Life and will initially be published in Russian in collaboration with Maxim and Andrey Kich.

  3. As of today, the Amazon is not allowing my book in their store. The investigation is happening. In a meantime you can download a copy here http://kirillkich.com/my-book/ .

    I’m also trying to publish it on the iBooks store.

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