David Haye ( direct link)

With over 114,000 subs, David’s channel is one of the best channels for the beginners to get involved in the Crypto Space and follow the world of ICOs. David speaks in a very clear and easy-to-digest manner, overviewing the ICOs and their tech without ever going too deep and using very complicated terms.

Make sure to comment on his videos with your ETH address as a signature. He sends a 0.1 ETH to the randomly selected comments.

Crypto Bobby (direct link)

With over 132,000 subs, Crypto Bobby is hosting long format (50-90 min) Happy Hours, talks about the current market updates focusing on the candle charts monitoring and crypto portfolio management.

Along with David, you can find Bob on various crypto-conferences for the crypto-enthusiasts and traders.

Louis Thomas (direct link)

With over 91,000 subs, Louis Thomas has a very deep understanding of the crypto-market which allows him to talk about market predictions. I respekt Louis for being a strong believer in the cryptocurrencies and the decentralized future of the Global Economy.

Crypto Somniacs (direct link)

Now those guys are awesome! Their technical and market analysis is usually very deep and theшr ICO review picks are often on the spot. I personally know Sam Capizzi Crypto Somniacs have recently surpassed the 25,000 subs-mark and are rapidly gaining the reputation in the Crypto Community.

Crypt0 (direct link)

With over 97,000 subs Omar is the man when it comes to bringing you some of the best interviews on the Crypto Media landscape. Check out his Crypt0 Minute and Crypto News for quick market updates to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Ivan on Tech (direct link)

With over 142,000 subs Ivan is broadcasting live for those who want to dig deeper into the ICOs or their tech. With the talent to present the complex technical information in a simple form and a sexy Russian accent, Ivan creates one of the best educational channels on the platform.

Data Dash (direct link)

With over 200,000 subs on the channel, Nicholas is great at streaming his in-depth explanations of the Market situations and updates. If you’re looking for some fresh and solid opinions on what’s happening right now with the token prices and where are the trends at – follow Data Dash.

Crypto Love (direct link)

Recently surpassing 75,000 subs mark, Crypto Love is one of the most laid back, easy going channels out there. With Randall from Crypto Love, you’ll see a lot of babes on the clickbates and some enthusiastic crypto reviews done in a chill, mellow note. I’ve noticed that he had started to do some sponsored content now

Andreas Antonopoulos (direct link)

And obviously, the so-called god of the Bitcoin Culture and a character impossible to avoid in this list is the Andreas Antonopoulos running the aantonop channel. With over 130,000 subs he is one of the cultural pillars of the crypto movement.

Some of the channels that I’ve found while making the list but didn’t actively watch before:

  1. Altcoin Buzz (direct link)
  2. Crypto Investor (direct link)
  3. Crypto Coin News (direct link)
  4. Cryptonauts (direct link)

What are your favorite Youtube Channels?
Feel free to continue this list in the comment section!