It is hard to enter the San Francisco scene, maybe it’ll be easier if we do it together?


The city of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are the most desirable places for every tech entrepreneur to be. Yet, the rental prices, insane security deposits, paperwork and the lack of the community to belong to makes it difficult for the international crowd to quickly fit it.

Proposed solution

Thus, Kirill Kich, Sergii Sopot and Maxim Shevtchenko join forces one more time and propose the Coliving Club – a co-living/co-working hub that would  make it easier for the visitors to on-board and start building their network right away.


With the first location being open on April 2014 Coliving Club quickly grew to 6 individual locations by the end of the Summer 2014.

We served hundreds of entrepreneurs, developers, designers and students over the year that we were operating.

The entire project was bootstrapped since the day one and built solely on the enthusiasm of the founders without any outside investment.

Along the way multiple co-founders joined and left the project.

Eventually the project is put on hold in September 2015 for the data analysis and further research of the work done. By this time there is only one founder left in the project – Kirill Kich.

Sergii Sopot carried on with the Coliving Eddy venture and only in the Summer 2017 the team of the Coliving Club would be re-united once again to launch the Coliving Club ICO.

The ICO got delayed due to the lack of the proper funding and the consensus on the token structure.

The project is currently in the development phase as we’re building the list of the future members.

You can read more on the Coliving Club progress on our Medium page.


Hundreds of happy customers served!

For Kirill Kich: hostel management, team building, project management, customer development, ICO marketing and team leading skills developed.

Tons of data and analytics on the co-living market in San Francisco with the real experience.

The development of the project lead to the creation of the Home Everywhere Inc and introduced the team to the world of crypto-currencies.

Kirill Kich was invited to a series of interviews about the Coliving Club project as a result for the Bloomberg, 1+1, TV RAIN and BBC, Vice.

The Vice proposal was ignored for some reason, lol.

Coliving Club got covered on AIN.UA and VC.RU

Lessons learned

(1) Don’t start an ICO if you don’t have at least $0.5M.

(2) Working with more than 2 co-founders is difficult.

(3) Only do what you love.

(4) It is very expensive to start a business in US.

(5) Gotta build your community and the personal brand first and then start aiming for the bigger projects.

(6) Don’t try to build the entire project by yourself. It is the team effort.

(7) The client is always right.

(8) Each co-living location has to have a dedicated community leader.

(9) The entire co-living/hostel business could be automated.

(10) Always reply if Vice creators send you an email.


Projects only fail when you lose faith in them.

Coliving Club project is currently under construction. We will be launching a new location in Silicon Beach as planned in the 2018, yet the project requires time and momentum in order to become fruitful. We currently plan to achieve both through the development of Kich Media brands first.

Step-by-step we’re building the legacy and Coliving Club is just one of the foundation stones.