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PO E MS // Сти хи

Going through a spiritual journey in Ukraine has moved me to write poetry almost every day. Capsules of my emotions, visions, and daydreams are yours to enjoy now. I will be publishing this content as an Album on SoundCloud at some point this summer, too. Attention: this content is bi-lingual.

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I’m publishing a book on Amazon

It’s Monday. So I decided to publish a book by Saturday.
It’s going to be first available in Russian. I’ll translate it to English later.
I feel like there is no better time to publish the book than now.

I’ve made a decision to be the writer

And I told you guys about the power of Manifestation. This book will be my Manifest! A blood bound with the 2018 goals.

I need to enter 2018 as a self-published writer. I have the blog, the Youtube channel, the Instagram profile, I even started blogging on Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Medium.

I need to be on Amazon


Net Neutrality is dead

Making the American Internet even slower than it is now was a difficult task for me to imagine. We have all of the pieces of the puzzle working together hand in hand: the archaic cable technologies, the greed of the 2.5 available Internet Service Providers raised to the supreme power of their market domination.

I was wrong. It seems like this was just the tip of the iceberg. Lesser choice, warmer winters, wilder fires, taller walls and slower internet. Oh yeah, and Wall Street is all over Bitcoin, right. I wonder what’s going to happen next.


Hello world, my name is Kirill Kich!

It’s actually very nice to meet you

I’m very far from understanding your mysterious ways but I like your teas, especially White oolong one. I don’t understand 99.9% of your history but I am eager to learn more and so resources like Wikipedia, Quora, Reddit, Steemit, Everipedia and Medium help me out.

I’m in love with traveling

The trembling tea-glasses of the midnight trains, the jams of the foreign coffee shops and the clouds of the flying planes attract me.

Collecting stories

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