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Coliving Club: A case study


It is hard to enter the San Francisco scene, maybe it’ll be easier if we do it together?


The city of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are the most desirable places for every tech entrepreneur to be. Yet, the rental prices, insane security deposits, paperwork and the lack of the community to belong to makes it difficult for the international crowd to quickly fit it.

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Memoria Online School: A case study


99.9% startups fail. Maybe because they are executed by noobs?


Ukrainian educational system – especially in non-urban areas – lacks the funding needed in order to motivate professionals to go to schools and teach. As a results kids end up with a very poor level of educational quality provided by educators.

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The Kich Ecosystem

It all started in the backyard, like 1001% of entrepreneurial stories — which makes me wonders about the conspiracy theory behind this fact but I’ll save this one for my Reddit correspondence.

We were just playing

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