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How to reach the media resources and bloggers for your ICO or crowdfunding campaign

So you’re running a crowdfunding campaign (through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, ICO, etc.) and at some point, you need to spread your message to the masses. The message is packed into a press release and ready to be shipped to the keepers of the informational channels: bloggers, vloggers, media channels and news websites. The problem is that the media space is over saturated and your message might a) be lost among other applications received daily by the informational gate-keepers b) be not well-constructed due to the lack of emotional investment of the authors c) be too expensive to afford.

While this guide may not be a panacea to the existing informational pollution it offers a comprehensive strategy towards building your Media Networking Capital.

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How to craft an effective b2b email that doesn’t feel cold

And actually has a chance to be read.

At Kich Media we think of a business as an economical agent taking part in the market games of exchanging the information through transactions. The most information exchanged between businesses comes in the form of emails and value4value exchanges. We’ve noticed that the simpler the informational exchange is between the economical agents the bigger volumes of information they are able to exchange.

Writing effective emails helps facilitate the exchange of the information

It has improved our networking speed. We were able to establish 5 to 10 new business connections per sales representative weekly, with a 70% success rate. How?

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New episodes of my Vlog on Youtube

My list of keywords

Made with love for

Every website has a list of keywords that are used to form its SEO core.
Here is mine. For now, it’s just going to be a list but I already have an idea of how to make it more fun. What if every work would send you to the list of articles on the Blog using this word?  Might be too geeky but I still wanna do this.

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The Zombie’s Gate: A case study

The Zombie’s Gate became a first book I’ve ever published on Amazon. Although I did not participate in its writing and the original idea I was heavily involved in the editing and production stages, being the chief supervisor of the project.

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About Kich Productions

Kich Productions is a company within the Kich Ecosystem.
It produces videos, documentaries, and web-series both independently and for the Kich Media.

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Kirill Kich has landed on the Youtube Platform

Finally, the videos that I’ve been producing for the past 60 days are starting to appear on my Youtube Channel. This is the beginning of the legacy. Make sure to remember this moment. 😜

Ibiza Club video commercial: A case study


One of the largest Ukrainian day/night club Ibiza approached Kirill Kich to produce a story to promote its culture and philosophy to the non-local customers.


As a result an international team was formed; a collaboration between Norwegian, Brazilian and Ukrainian filmmakers and creators.

The video came out as a bitter-sweet, motivational clip exploring the precious moments of pure joy, reminding us of the physical limits of our lives expressed in numbers and the necessity to explore them without regret and to the full extent.

Shot on Red.


Kirill Kich in a Nutshell

23 years into this life I’m launching a personal blog to share my experience and thoughts || (almost) 7 years ago I have started my first blog where I was writing about my Canadian experience; didn’t have the patience to keep it up || Since then my entire life has happened and was left undocumented || This doesn’t feel right || From now on Documenting is my primary goal || Main topics: Crypto currencies, Life, Experience, Social Media Marketing || Main goal: Document the reality and share knowledge with the world || Note: You can hire the Kirill Kich team to write content for your startup or small business || For social media services check out Kich Media .


About Kich Media


The world of social platforms is the deepest pool of attention. Kich Media was formed to research the social marketing opportunities and help out projects trade attention of their audience effectively.

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