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Crypto Youtube Channels you must follow right now

David Haye ( direct link)

With over 114,000 subs, David’s channel is one of the best channels for the beginners to get involved in the Crypto Space and follow the world of ICOs. David speaks in a very clear and easy-to-digest manner, overviewing the ICOs and their tech without ever going too deep and using very complicated terms.

Make sure to comment on his videos with your ETH address as a signature. He sends a 0.1 ETH to the randomly selected comments.

Crypto Bobby (direct link)

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Let’s talk about Dragonchain

A blockchain tech built by Disney, abandoned along the way and released as an open-source project is picked up by a group of enthusiasts ex-Disney employees who worked on it previously and turned into an ICO.

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Let’s talk about Ethereum

I’ve talked about my views on Ethereum for hundreds of times in private conversations while attending the conferences and in the comment sections of Reddit and Youtube.

I decided to put all of my thoughts together and stream them at last:

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Let’s talk EOS

Test driving the Youtube Streaming tech and talking about EOS ERC-20 tokens that claim to be the Ethereum Killer at the same time.


PS: The next stream is going to be about the Coinbase. We will be discussing the new coins that the number one on-boarding platform for the Cryptocurrencies in US might decide to add.

Bitcoin prediction for December 2018 – January 2019

I’m not an expert and this is not a financial advice, but it seems obvious to me that with the Coinbase being backed by the New York Exchange, Ethereum working on the Quorum for J P Morgan and all of the bitcoin futures situation with the CFE and the CME coming in December something is about to happen with the price of our golden standard boy in the very near future.

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