Blockchain Hangouts ✖️ LA

Blockchain Hangout is a discussion club initiative for the cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts.

The goal

To create a somewhat regular hangout for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Los Angeles

The organization format

We would need to organize the Administrating apparatus if we’re serious about this. A board of sages, so to speak, who would be supervising and initiating the development of the community.

The meeting format

Stage One: Group discussion panels in the cozy bars and coffee shops.

Stage Two: Invite interesting speakers as the discussion pannel guests.

The time frame

I won’t be able to always remain the leader of this community. I’m aiming to be more of a constant contributor and motivator. I’ll be leaving LA on the Jan 22, 2018.

Would be cool to start the movement before that time.

The future

Since I’ll be traveling across the US for quite a while, in a long run this project might become a national event with Blockchain Hangout clubs spread across the country. Our own TedX if you will.



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  1. So far, I haven’t really moved with this initiative. It seems like community building is a full-time job and I might be a bit overloaded with the projects at the moment.

  2. I’ve started to think today that I’d better join some local communities first to observe, listen and learn first. I don’t wanna be building another bicycle.

    I also start to enjoy using my own comment sections to track the progress. I kinda think of them as the additional element of the blog post, the one that can also be customized and used as a form of artistic expression.

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