This is me

I am a writer that goes by Kirill Kich. I write all kinds of copy from blogging to business email templates and answers on Quora.

I run social media channels. Build startups and businesses and create content. For myself and on demand (which means you can hire me).

My story

Online Education

Losing faith in the offline forms of education after studying for four years in the Universities of Trent (Ontario, Canada) and EICAR (Paris, France), I’ve started an online education project for Ukrainian kids called Memoria School Project. With over Youtube 4,000 videos produced by a group of talented educators the project hit the ‘pause’ button, following the shut down of our Youtube channel.

Digital Nomadism

Memoria accelerated my relocation to the Silicon Valley leading to the start of the Coliving Club project. With a goal to facilitate the cultural shock and difficulties related to the relocation of digital nomads and international entrepreneurs to San Francisco, we’ve successfully opened and managed 6 locations. The operations were put on hold in 2016 for further R&D of the product.

Odd jobs

The writer within me is always hungry for new experiences. As a result, I’ve tried all sorts of odd jobs from a Lyft driver and a food truck cook — serving over 1,000 tacos a week — to the sales agent, single-handedly closing $40,000 in monthly deals with the cold emails for Rstyle3D. My sales experience before that job consisted of 3 re-runs of the Wolf of the Wall Street.

Crypto summer

In summer 2017 Coliving Club ICO preparation process has started which introduced me to the world of Cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger technologies. Searching for my purpose in life, at 23, I have finally felt like I’m moving in the right direction.

Kich Media

Today I’m running my media company specializing in Digital Marketing, content production, crypto markets analytics and consulting. I have a deep passion for sharing stories in a multi-media format. Video- documentaries and opinion writing are among my strongest skills.


Having experience in writing and editing White Papers I enjoy reading and analyzing the new projects on a hunt for the next significant trend or a talented team.I am currently starting to work with ICOs and ICO-related service providers as a freelancing writer and analytics.

Book and documentary

As KICH SALES LLC I’m covering the cultural revolution that the cryptocurrencies are bringing to the Old World. The results of my work will I’m planning to publish a book and a documentary film with a working title Puertopia: The Pandora’s Sandbox.

Things I’m into aka my topics & services

  • ICO research, analysis and review
  • Article writing and journalism
  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Video content and documentaries
  • Lifestyle, street, and architectural photography

This is my social media sandbox

Facebook: A good resource to follow my projects and travels. I publish Facebook Stories and videos and share smaller tweets.

Twitter:  The catalog of quick thoughts and opinions. I also use it to communicate with people.

Instagram: The visual guide of my life with new ideas expressed under each picture.

Quora: The collection of my questions and answers to the world. An excellent way to build an online presence if you don’t have any significant following.

Medium: At first I started to write on Medium, then I started to read, clap and comment on Medium. Every comment I make is a blog post. Medium is 🔥.

Pinterest: Once I started to collect pictures on Instagram collections I became less interested in Pinterest although some of my favorite tech-noir and japanese art inspirations still come from this platform.

Telegram: A messenger-blog where I write in Russian about all of the things I write in English on all other channels. Very cozy and friendly format. Super low profile.

Reddit: My favorite community. I love Reddit for the ability to participate in the broadest discussions possible. I don’t post here yet, just participate in the comment section.

Google Maps Guide (couldn’t find a link for this one): I’m using Google Maps to leave my reviews to the places and post pictures. Nevertheless, I might be switching to Facebook recommendations tab, as it looks sexier for the community involvement.

Google+: not publishing here actively atm. I’m still trying to figure out a good reason to do so. In fact, I’m gonna start commenting Gary Vee on Youtube to ask if he uses the Google+ anyhow in his business or is it dead meat?

These are my projects with Kich Media

Note: The links are not working at the moment, 😅
Your author is still populating this website☝️

You can click on any to see the case study or read the shot description. a blog I started at 17, an international student in Canada. It got me the first attention of the internet crowd. This project was in Russian and targeted the potential immigrants to Canada helping them to dig deeper into the Canadian culture. I think about this project every day and wish I never dropped travel blogging. I start the Kirill Kich blog in memory of my first blogging experience.

Memoria Online School:  At 18 years old I’ve started my own startup with my father Sergii, as a co-founder in order to bring a free highly professional level of education to the Ukrainian children.

Coliving Club: We created and are currently curating the Coliving Club Brand in 2015 in order to build a strong network of creative productivity-driven coliving/coworking hubs around the world.

Kich Media: I run a media company together with my friend and long-time business partner Maxim Schevtchenko. Together we make high-quality web, 3D, video and copywriting content for our customers across various digital platforms.

Kirill Kich: I write for my personal blog Kirill Kich to share my experience, thoughts, and notes on #life, #startups, #travel and #social media platforms.

Ibiza Club video commercial: Kich Productions has produced 2 short visual stories exploring the aesthetics and the philosophy of the Ibiza Night Club in Odessa, Ukraine.

Lighting in a Bottle artistic documentary: In partnership with Songbird Ocarina, Kich Productions has produced an artistic documentary of the Lightning in a Bottle festival.

Kich Productions: We shoot documentary and edutainment content for modern media broadcasting channels like Youtube and Facebook Watch with Max.

The Zombie’s Gate: My little brother Sergii Sopot Jr. has written a book when he was 8 years old so we decided to edit it, create the illustrations and publish on Amazon. Now I know how to publish books on Amazon. In order to generate the attention for the book we’ve launched the Youtube channel, outlined the content strategy and helped produce the content for the channel. The Youtube account recieved a warm welcome from the Youtube Kids community with some videos raising over 10K+ views within the first 2 months of operations.

Kich Games: We develop apps and games with Max and my brother Andrew. Check out the Blade Jumper by Andrew and his team in the end of this year with some deep sound design from Max.

Toryo Art: I organized the business set up (Strategy, management, incorporation) and website building training for an online store by beautiful Ukrainian artist,  Victoria Liutova. Check her out but make sure you’re 18+ as there is some nudity in her work.

Rstyle 3D: I helped Rstyle 3D boost their revenue x4 times while the company’s relocation to the US market in only 2 months by writing a highly effective business emails.

TryVR: Together with Rstyle 3D, Kich Media has developed the TryVR business model ― a service provider for the top-quality real estate 3D visualizations. We created the website for the company and provided the initial lead generation services.

Funding Gym: We produced the brand-image, the website and the illustrations for the funding gym program. As a part of the Social Media Presence development, we have launched the Youtube Channel for the Funding Gym, outlined its content strategy, helped produce the content for the channel. Within the first 3 days of existence, the Channel’s videos started to appear in the Search results of Youtube and the audience grew by 1000% within the first month of work.

Boombe Studio: We crafted the website for Boombe Studio and performed the lead generation to set up the business flow.

Home Everywhere: In 2017, we partnered with the Funding Gym and Startup Launchpad, Inc companies to establish the Home Everywhere brand with a goal of creating an umbrella of services and products for the global community of traveling digital entrepreneurs. Coliving Club became part of the bigger eco-system of the Home Everywhere project.

Digital Nomad Magazine: In the summer of 2017, together with Coliving Club we have created a Digital Nomad Magazine publication on Medium in order to feed to become the prime media source for the location independent entrepreneurs.

5 Basic Store: The client approached us with a task to create an online store based on the Amazon FBA program. We researched the market, built the Amazon account, ordered the products, produced the website and the branding campaign for the Instagram account to promote the brand.

Songbird Ocarina: The client approached us with a task to manage the Instagram and Facebook channels, create a series of Ocarina demo videos, a documentary about the Lightning in a Bottle festival experience and a re-design of the website.

Sergey Legal: We produced a website for Sergii Sopot and developed his online brand presence on the Youtube and Instagram platforms raising the community of followers to 3,000+ over the period of the first 3 months. We created the website for a local wedding and lifestyle photographer Evgenyi Nepomnyahsiy.

Sergio’s Morning Live Shows: Pure fun and 100% experimental, together with Sergio the Sexy Sax man we’ve been working on the Sergio’s Morning Live show that was transmitted as Facebook Live from his personal Facebook Page. I was the man behind the camera and the manager of the project. The project is currently on pause and we’re looking forward to start shooting a new show soon. Hopefully, you’ll hear about us soon on Facebook Watch.

Coliving Club pre-ICO campaign:  The goal was to create a token for the Coliving Club Network of coliving locations. We have developed the attention towards the brand, re-build the Coliving Club’s website and created the new audience-building strategy. The project is currently on pause in search of additional financing. The Coliving Club project is still active, though.

Cubic Robotics email video messages campaign:  Cubic is a very innovative Russian-based company that has a goal of creating the top quality intuitive voice-assistant on the Market. I’ve been working with them in order to produce a series of video letters from Cubic to the visionaries around the world. It was one of my first startup video gigs.

Love Eat Share: One of the first startups I’ve joined to help Stan with the copywriting, UX/UI and business plan writing. The project is currently on pause. Curiously enough, this project has introduced me to the Startup Launchpad, my first coliving experience ever.

I always try to end my posts with “-K.”, it stands for Kirill but also for Kudos.