Kich Productions is a company within the Kich Ecosystem.
It produces videos, documentaries, and web-series both independently and for the Kich Media.

In production:

“City Poems” – web-series with the city portraits from all over the world.

“100 odessits” – a documentary web-series about 100 curious characters living in Odessa.

Kirill Kich Vlog on Youtube


Ibiza Club video commercial – a video commercial for a nightclub in Odessa done in collaboration with an international team of artists.

Blackbox Experience Documentary – a promotional documentary that leads us through the experience of the Blackbox mini-incubation program supported by Google for Entrepreneurs. 

Lightning in a Bottle Artistic Documentary

Upcoming project:

“Crypto faces” – a series of interviews with the blockchain startup founders.

“People of the Earth” – a documentary web-series featuring curious people and their stories from around the world. The goal of the project is to diversify the standard pool of success stories on the Social Media.