We spent the New Year’s night at the Korean Spa, which gave this weird year a solid kick.

So many things are going to be different within the next 300+ days and the final 65 are going to grant me a new vision regarding who I am and where I am going.

Winter 2017 was about building the Youtube Channels for Sergii Sopot and Funding Gym as well as an active engagement in the Amazon FBA.

I quit driving for Lyft and focused completely on doing any online job available to support our little family with Victoria. This decision made me spread too thin and by Summer I was already exhausted from the amount of work I’ve mounted on my shoulders.

We’ve also moved to a new spot in Los Angeles. Our first one-year lease apartment. It’ll take us about 9 months to slowly make it cozy ☺️.


In Spring I have helped edit and publish the first book on Amazon — “The Zombie’s Gate” by Sergii Sopot Jr. Amazing first-time in life experience. I like to remember moments like this.

It was also during this time that I met Durian with Songbird Ocarina and shot an artistic documentary about their trip to the LiB, something that my friend Ataman would edit later into a psychedelic masterpiece later in Autumn.

By the end of the summer, I have also engaged in the Funding Gym business credit building program which gave the boost to the development of the Kich Media, Coliving Club, and Toryo LLC projects throughout the summer.


In the beginning of Summer, I’ve met an amazing artist Sergio and we decided to run a creative experiment launching the “Sergio’s Morning Live Show” on Facebook. The goal was to shoot 30 streams in 30 days, an impossible aim to shoot for, which gave us an insane amount of experience in streaming.

An unexpected trip to San Francisco resulted in the production of the first Video poem in the ‘City poems’ series by KICH Productions, to be released in Q1, 2018.

I’ve started reading about blockchain on Facebook in the beginning of June but it was only in the end of the month that I’ve really started to get involved in the trend, buying my first Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Later I will start to refer to this period of time as the #cryptosummer.

Around the end of summer, we’ve incorporated the Home Everywhere Inc in Collaboration with the Funding Gym and decided to revitalize the Coliving Club project. Blinded by the success of the ICO campaigns we’ve decided to run the Coliving Club ICO. The project had to hit the ‘pause’ when we realized that it would take at least 1/4 million in order to properly launch the Token Generation Event.

While diving deeper into the crypto-world I’ve also discovered the Telegram app which has changed forever my opinion regarding the messengers and their future potential. I’ve become the Telegram platform advocate in California.

Somewhere at the end of July/ beginning of August, we took a trip to Bartlette, Illinois with Victoria to experience a still town-house life of suburban America. For the first time in my life, I lived in a city that cannot be escaped anyhow other than by car…

During this trip, I’ve learned that Max is collaborating with Kirill Naumko on the behalf of KICH Productions on a short-documentary series about 100 characters of Odessa. The project would receive the first public recognition by end of this year and will be published on Youtube in 2018.

Right after this happened one of the main Highlights of this summer. An inspirational mind-shifting Blockcon conference in Santa Monica that allowed me to connect to the progressive crypto-community for the first time in real life.


Trying to still pull out the Coliving Club project with a very limited budget I’ve decided to make a trip to Odessa in November and enhance the core marketing team on the project.

Once we realized that the Coliving Club project will need more time and capital in order to be developed the Kich Media LLC and Home Everywhere decided to bet on building Kirill Kich as a public persona and the project was created as a result.

From now on I’m focusing on building my personal brand. It was also during this time that I’ve started to figure out myself and my persona. I decided to search for myself until I’m 29, to start with being a writer and traveling around the world.

I’ve started to:

  • Vlog on Youtube
  • Post pictures on Instagram
  • Post articles and extended comments on Medium
  • Answers on Quora
  • Articles in my personal Blog

It was during this Autumn that I’ve also started to keep a Journal again. Something I was doing on a regular basis before coming to the US.

I was also extremely happy to reconnect with my cousin Andrew and get closer to the gaming world. At the time he was working on the Blade Jumper game; 100% bootstrapped it was a project I was consulting him about during my trip.


This winter I have finally started to deeply research and trade cryptos and experience the writer’s lifestyle and mentality.

I’ve got some freelancing jobs from the Crypto Law Group.

I started to experiment with the food blogging while eating for Kich Food.

I began hosting the Live streams about cryptocurrencies with Gary from the Funding Gym.

I wrote and published my first book on Amazon.

I’ve sold my older Black Magic camera to finally switch to a less demanding from the  Post-production point-and-shoot Panasonic camera in order to boost the quality of my personal, food and travel vlogging in 2018.

Together with Victoria, we are currently planning a trip across the US. 2018 is going to be all about traveling — I have a feeling.